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Loading & Unloading Zone Signs

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Loading & Unloading Zone Signs

Loading zones are an area that is specifically designed for quick loading and unloading of packages or shipments. Usually, parking is limited to a small timeframe, most often 10 – 30 minutes. This is designed to help keep traffic moving and prevent backups. Having a Loading Zone Sign helps mark an area of a street or area that is marked for unloading/loading of materials. Most often signage will have arrows or time frames on them to specify the rules.

How to pick your sign:

If you have a larger area or narrow street for a loading zone, arrows should be used to indicated the restricted zone and placed at intermediate points within the area. Signs should be visible to approaching traffic and ground markings can be helpful to further illustrate restricted areas. It's important to think strategically about where your loading zone will be. If you are in a high traffic area the property owners may already have restrictions in place for a loading zone. If a picked zone is in an odd area or if the driver will have to navigate obstacles, the difficulties start to add up. One of the best ways to decide on a spot is to talk with the city council or similar city organization. Often they will consider the pros and cons of your choice and help to streamline the process.

Management of Loading Zone Area

Once a spot is chosen and signage placed, it becomes your duty to monitor that area. Oftentimes many customers or drivers will assume since they are “only buying something quick” they can park in these areas. These areas are off limits to anyone except delivery drivers no matter how “important” the customer thinks their shopping list is. Along with that, delivery trucks should also be watched to make sure unloading is done in the specified time frame. If the loading zone covers multiple shops or businesses, this action could prevent other deliveries from taking place.

Closer Look at the Sign

Most commonly for loading zones, we see the sign known as R7-6, which can be purchased here. According to the MUTCD, “When signs with arrows are used to indicate the extent of the restricted zones, the signs should be set at an angle of not less than 30 degrees nor more than 45 degrees with the line of traffic flow in order to be visible to approaching traffic.

The spacing of signs should be based on legibility and sign orientation. 

If the zone is unusually long, signs showing a double arrow should be used at intermediate points within the zone

no parking loading zone sign

R7-6 is shown as a vertical rectangular white sign with a red border and the word "NO PARKING" in large red letters on the top lines above the words "LOADING ZONE" in red on the next two lines. A two-direction horizontal red arrow is shown on the fifth line.” 


Sign Wise has built a selection of our most popular Loading Zone Signs including 30 Minute signs. We have seen a large increase in orders for these signs as the laws change and people want to make sure they meet regulations.  As well as these signs, Sign Wise manufactures thousands of other signs including parking signs, safety signage, OSHA/ANSI signs, and much more. These signs are made with the highest quality of materials and made right here in the old US of A. If you’d like a quote or are looking for a custom sign please give us a ring at (877) 631-0197 or email us at sales@shopsignwise.com or check us out online at www.shopsignwise.com 


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