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Are Hard Hats Needed? Yes

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

Why are Hard Hats Required?

hard hat construction worker

An easily recognizable object, the white or orange hard hats dotting the landscapes of construction sites. We know they are required for workers but have you ever held one? They seem somewhat flimsy don’t they? Actually, they are quite protective and save hundreds of lives. Hard hats are one of the most resilient types of personal protective equipment.

Hard hats are designed to protect the head and neck from falling objects. The brim of the hat protects the head, neck, eyes, and side of your head from objects and impacts. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, have set forth many requirements for workplace safety. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) put out a report 2011, with the category of “Contact with objects and equipment is 17% of the total 4,340 fatal work injuries. Of that 17% the sub-category of “Struck-by object” was 10% (more than half).” 1.

 While it may seem common sense to protect your head, we still have many accidents every year that could have been avoided. One case is of a carpenter that was using a nail gun on a wall. Firing the gun, the nail traveled through and wall and struck a worker in the head, killing him. The worker was not wearing head protection.

 Another case is from a worker lifting a bucket of bricks to the top of a building. The bucket was shifted and the contents slipped out of the bucket, falling on his head. The worker suffered massive blunt force trauma and was killed. Unfortunately, the worker was also not wearing head protection.

 OSHA states that the main areas for employees at risk are from falling objects and overhead work. Often times these dangers can be hard to see as they are above us or high up. Injuries from overhead accidents can range from minor concussions to death. Either way, its not a good day.

Safety tips to prevent overhead accidents

  • Always, always wear a hard hat and have strict rules in place
  • Carefully stack and load materials so they won’t collapse
  • Use nets and other safety features to prevent falling materials
  • Signage and safety briefings on schedule 


How can you remind workers to wear their hard hats?

It can be difficult to keep watch over large groups or multiple construction sites. So how can employers make sure their workers are staying safe? Having strict rules in place and clear reminders on worksites is the first defense in keeping them safe. By placing large signs reminding workers of the rules, this can keep the thought in the front of their mind. Along with hard hat signage, other signs warning of hazards or dangers should also be placed. These could include high voltage areas or trench dangers.

danger hard hat area

Have safety meetings and managers check throughout the work day for safety violations can help cut down on accidents. By building a culture of safety, everyone is affected positively and keep their lives.


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