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New Ban on Flavored Vape Cartridges Comes Into Affect

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

New Ban on Flavored Vape Cartridges Comes Into Affect

The beginning of this year saw a new announcement regarding flavored electronic cigarette juices. The Trump Administration released a statement that will remove some of the various flavoring, but not all e-cigarette flavors. The announcement has seen criticism from both sides of the argument.

Many e-cigarette companies had already taken steps to suspend sells of flavored juice cartridges, such the company JUUL. They announced in October they would stop selling various flavors such as fruit, crème, and mango. They were shown to be some of the most popular flavors among high schoolers, according to the JAMA test results.  One of the aims of this new ban is to curb vaping among younger people, especially high school aged.

The push to ban flavored vaping arouse from over 2,500 cases of lung injuries that sprung up in September. At least 55 people died from contaminated cartridges. The criticism of the ban relates to most evidence pointing to unregulated and illegal THC liquids and not standard flavor vapes.

This coming ban is not intended to affect vape and smoke shops but focus more on convenience store vape products. The exempt products would be the larger tank-style vapes that are manually filled. Now convenience stores only offer standard vape flavors such as tobacco or menthol flavors.

This ban is less severe than the one originally planned by the Trump Administration that saw a ban of all flavored vaping products such as menthol. The ban would have lasted until the FDA gave an all clear on the products. The point of this ban is to stop young people from starting vaping earlier while still giving adult smokers an option to quit or switch from traditional cigarettes. A report from Vapor Technology Association estimated that having a total flavor ban would result in 150,000 jobs lost and $8.4 billion lost sales.

For now all manufacturers of vaping products have 30 days to stop the sale and distribution of the banned cartridges. They do have an option to submit to a lengthy and extensive application process to become exempt.

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