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How Effective Are Political Yard Signs in An Election?

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

How Effective Are Political Yard Signs in An Election?


Election season is upon us, and you know what that means: Miles and miles of colorful signs posted throughout your neighborhood. Some produce feelings of comfort, others disgust and hate (depending on your candidate preference) The question arises though as you drive past these small plastic billboards; just how effective are they? Can they swing an election? Will they serve as a reminder to vote or as a thought provoking insight into your neighbor’s questionable choices?


Despite your views on different candidates, yard signs have shown to bring a positive outcome when it comes to election day. A study conducted by Donald Green of Columbia University, as well as several others, discovered that lawn signs can bring an increase in voter share by 1.7 percentage points on average. While that’s not much, its defiantly a step in the right direction.


“We were surprised by thee findings, because the conventional wisdom is that lawn signs don’t do much – there supposed to be a waste of money and time. Many campaign consultants think that signs ‘preach to the choir’ and not much else,” Alex Coppock, a co-author of the above study mentioned.


While seeing such a small number can be a little disappointing for aspiring politicians, fear not. Coppock remarked, “the effect is small in terms of percentage points, though implication is that thousands of voters would have voted for someone else if not for the signs.” So while signs may not bring the voters out in higher numbers, it will bring name recognition for your campaign. Many voters see a name on a sign and start to recognize it with the upcoming election. Its been shown to have roughly the same effect as other campaign marketing tactics such as direct mail, ads, calls, etc.


How can yard signs be used in your upcoming campaign? Are you using them effectively? Are you using them at all? Thanks to this study, signs are something that should be utilized in every campaign. While they don’t bring more voters out to the booth, it will increase the name recognition and help overall.


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  • All political parties are use signage to promote there party. That is so useful for them. They can give message to people with this signs.

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  • Interesting! I see these all over but never though about before

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