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12 Hilarious and Crazy Road Signs

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

Sometimes our brains become accustomed to all the signs we see while driving. Other times we notice something odd about a particular signs, and here are some worth slowing down for in our great collection of funny and crazy signs. 

1. Hillbilly Lane

Hillbilly Ln Note the wire holding the sign on the post

Image by Team Traveller

2. Thanks for the warning

Image by gothicnexus

3. But seriously, you're a loser if you drink and drive
drink drive

Image by Newhaircut

4. "Officer, I was only going 3/4 over!"
5. Make up your mind!
6. Make sure your kids have their orange jackets on!
7. If only cars could float...
8. Maybe they need some better teachers
9. Where the band America keeps their horse.
10. Better not go in the drive thru then
11. Ill just use Google Maps next time..



12. Glad I don't deliver pizza



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  • haha! My kids would love this

    Bethany on

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