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Did you order a yard sign? Don't throw it away, make an airplane!

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

Well the election is over, whether your team won or lost we can all win with this awesome idea. Many of us have lawn signs that we put up to declare our preferred candidate. But, they're big and we can't do much with them after the election. So why not turn them into something fun: an airplane!

We've come up with a fun little way to make something enjoyable for everyone, especially those with smaller kids. Click the link below to find the PDF file of the airplane template.


  • Print Instructions:
  • Save the file as a PDF. 
  • Open in a PDF viewer
  • Under Page Size options select the "poster" and it will print as 6 pages that can be taped over the plastic sign

We found a pen knife works best when cutting, but PLEASE be careful. Only adults should use tools with sharp edges. Watch your hands and go slow.  

If you don't want to make an awesome airplane, please check with your local recycling plant to see if they will take yard signs. 

As always, Sign Wise is here to help with any signage needs. With the winter holidays coming up we will be doing a list of fun gift ideas on signs! If you have one you've come up with yourself, send it to us and we can get it right back to you on a variety of materials. 

Check us out on www.shopsignwise.com or email us at sales@shopsignwise.com

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