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Bringing Back American Rides

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

With the recent Federal Transit Administrations (FTA) Buy America Provisions work, US jobs in manufacturing are going to see a much appreciated upturn. With this recent provision, it insures that taxpayers dollars are going towards investments with public transportation. This will help benefits communities all across the nation. With new installments of public transport such as rail networks, the provisions require that all the materials used are from the US of A. This includes steel, iron, rail cars, fabric, etc. With this declaration, the products need to have more than 60% American in them, with increases coming each year; eventually hitting 70% by 2020.

Many companies and manufactures already can easily hit these numbers, but this adds extra incentive to keep jobs here in the states. When you think about a rail system and all of its components, that’s a lot of different pieces that need to come together. The boost this will bring to American companies is fantastic. The has created a handbook, here, which lists that the focus is on building and improving new vans, cars, rail systems, trolley cars, ferry boats, and buses.


The FTA held a forum in Baltimore, Maryland in June to help further push the positives of this declaration. Another forum is going to be held in October 8-11 in Atlanta, Georgia. This helps companies, both large and small, attend and gather more information about grants, bids, requirements, and how they can best utilize their resources. Along with information it provides a great opportunity for members to network and further build on past success of American companies.

Along with thousands of companies across America, Sign Wise is committed to having that “Made In America” badge on our products. All of our signs are made right here in our Utah factory. It comes as a great source of pride that we can include ourselves in this list. We hope to continue our small part of building up this great country and look forward to future adventures.


Sign Wise has built a selection of our most popular Accessible Parking Signs including Reserved Parking signs. We have seen a large increase in orders for these signs as the laws change and people want to make sure they meet regulations.  As well as these signs, Sign Wise manufactures thousands of other signs including parking signs, safety signage, OSHA/ANSI signs, and much more. These signs are made with the highest quality of materials and made right here in the old US of A. If you’d like a quote or are looking for a custom sign please give us a ring at (877) 631-0197 or email us at or check us out online at 


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