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Mile Marker 420 Signs Going Up In Smoke

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

HYDE PARK, UTAH – Scientists and researchers are growing more concerned with the rise in Mile Marker 420 sign poaching. “Across the United States, these signs are being systemically tracked, ripped from their homes, and taken home. Most likely to sit above the poacher’s bed as some kind of trophy.” – Dr. Alice Toklas said in a recent interview.

mile marker 420 signs across the US

Currently the number of signs across the US are roughly 11, down from 15 a few years ago. It’s reached the point where the beautiful bright green sign has been placed on the critically endangered list. Some states have given up entirely and placed the signs cousin, Mile Marker 419.99 there instead in hopes they can replenish the population of signs. Idaho and Colorado are two recent states to have made this decision.

 Current and previous signs:      

 mile 419.99          Mile 419.99
 mile marker 420          Mile 420


However, there is a silver lining with all of the recent news and pushing this epidemic into the spot light. Several private companies, including Sign Wise, have come up with a solution to keep poaching down and helping keep the current sign population undisturbed. Using previously passed away signs, clones have been made of the 420 signs. These signs meet the Department of Transportation code of retro-reflectivity and are made exactly like their larger cousins. While the clone is slightly smaller and lighter, it is an exact replica. Scientists are fascinated with the progress done to cloning technology. “It’s amazing what has been done to further the sign population here “, Dr. Kush said to attendees at a local press conference. “We hope that potential poachers will realize the work that’s being done here and go after the smaller twins of these beautiful signs. I think we can all agree, we want our grandchildren to pass an original Mile Marker 420 sign at some point in the future.” The revenue that is generated from purchasing the clones will be going towards additional clones, eventually spreading to every corner of the nation. A hope and dream we can all look forward to.


Along with the cloning of Mile 420 other clones have been made that recreate their endangered counterparts. Other efforts are complete now for Mile 69, Warning Hump, Mile 419.99, Hell Michigan, and even the Weed, California signs.

-New Signs in Clone Program-
Weed, California          Get your own
Hell, Michigan      Hell Michigan Sign      Get your own
Speed Hump Sign     Get your own
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