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Time to Upgrade your No Smoking Signs?

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

Study shows smoking rate is falling but vaping stays strong.

While smoking among adults has drops about one percentage point each year typically, in 2015 it dropped from 15-17% according to the Center for Disease Control and Development. (CDC) According to a recent Gallup Poll is shows that even with large campaigns to discourage e-cigarette use, the amount of smokers remains high. With this comes an unproven belief that vaping, or e-cigarette use is healthier and allowed in areas where regular smoking is not. This has brought about new changes to many different places to include “No Vaping” signs or placards to discourage use, especially indoors. Several states have even banned it within certain areas.

If you have a business or building with no smoking signs, it might be time to upgrade and have “no vaping” included. While the vapor from e-cigarettes doesn’t have many of the chemicals as regular cigarettes, it is still a health concern for employees or faculty.

With the continued use of e-cigs, now is the time to make sure your buildings and facilities have a clear and present smoking policy. The laws vary from state-state and it would be important to check with your local ordinance laws to see the exact specifics. For instance, in Utah the law is no smoking is permitted within 25 feet of a building entrance. In others, the number may be higher or different regulations are required.


Management and employers will also want to take a look at their current policy to see if it covers electronic cigarettes. Several steps and ideas could be the following:


  • Look over the company smoking policy and if needed have e-cigarette’s added to the policy. Finding areas where they are not allowed and certain smoking areas where they can be used will be beneficial for all parties. With the update be sure to inform employees of the changes so they are not caught off guard.


  • Having new and updated No Smoking or Vaping Signs installed to help further clarify the company’s policies on smoking and e-cigarette use. We carry several editions of these signs including smoking allowed signs. Signs can also be customized for specific policies or even have company names.


  • Talk with insurance companies or healthcare to see if they have recommendations for smoking education. Often times many will have programs to help with quitting tobacco and will have more specific knowledge of the exact local laws.


  • Along with the usual signs, it is also important to make sure no smoking or flames are allowed next to flammable materials or areas. Be sure to clearly label any potentially hazards materials and have safety meetings with staff. Danger or warning signs can be usually be used in this case.



Sign Wise has built a selection of our most popular No Smoking signs that include No Vaping signs. We have seen a large increase in orders for these signs as the laws change and people want to include a no vaping sign.  As well as these signs, Sign Wise manufactures thousands of other signs including parking signs, safety signage, OSHA/ANSI signs, and much more. These signs are made with the highest quality of materials and made right here in the old US of A. If you’d like a quote or are looking for a custom sign please give us a ring at (877) 631-0197 or email us at sales@shopsignwise.com or check us out online at www.shopsignwise.com 

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