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11 Steps to Operate a Forklift Safely

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

11 steps to operate a forklift safely

  1. Thoroughly examine forklift before use
  2. Wearing work appropriate clothing
  3. Observe the surrounding environment
  4. Operator must be qualified and up to date on any certifications if needed
  5. Operate the forklift at speeds appropriate for the environment
  6. Avoid hazards and ensure your load is stable/secure
  7. Be care to not overload the forklift or to have push/pull someone or something that is not meant to be lifted
  8. Keep clear of pedestrians or fellow workers. Do not let anyone under the teeth or near an operating forklift
  9. Be careful driving on ramps or outside a facility
  10. Having clear visibility or a lookout to help in tough spots
  11. Shut off and store forklifts in their designated area. Fully lower the forks to the floor, engage the parking brake. Never leave a forklift unattended or allow unqualified persons to operate it.


Extra steps for staying safe in and around forklifts:

Safety is paramount to keeping those we care about safe and to increase the awareness of moving forklifts and other heavy equipment. This can be fixed by adding signage, flashing lights, marked pathways, and safety briefings to staff.


The site National Forklift Exchange has some incredible resources about forklifts and general safety with industrial work. 

To see our first post regarding general warehouse safety, check it out here: 6 Steps to Better Warehouse Safety




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