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Stay Safe this Winter - Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning!

Posted by Ashley Walker on

Stay Safe this Winter - Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning!

A major concern during winter is carbon monoxide poisoning. With the heaters all cranked as high as they can go to beat the cold, toxic gases can build up and cause serious injury or death in a matter of hours or minutes. To avoid this potential tragedy, follow these tips to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in in vehicles.

  1. If your car is use a push-to-start system instead of a key and you typically keep your car in an attached garage, do not forget to turn it off before entering your home.  Every year, individuals and/or families die in their home due to carbon monoxide poisoning from a vehicle left running in the garage.
  2. Even the smallest hole in a muffler or exhaust pipe can cause a tragedy, so don’t ignore the damage.  Repair any broken or rusted areas as soon as possible, especially before the arrival of the winter months.
  3. Remove snow that might be blocking the car’s tail pipe, as this can redirect dangerous gases into the the vehicle’s interior.
  4. A carbon monoxide detector inside your car may someday save your life. My purchasing and installing a detector, you can catch the problem before it reaches dangerous levels.
  5. Never attempt to warm your car with the garage door closed - instead, open the door and make sure that the exhaust pipe is venting outside of the garage door.
  6. If you are sitting in an idle car, partially roll down the window in order to maintain a supply of fresh air inside the vehicle.

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