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7 Important Questions To Ask Before Buying A Sign

Posted by Ashley Walker on

Seven Important Questions for Purchasing Signs from Sign Wise

Buying signs can be tricky. There are a ton of rules and regulations out there. Staying compliant and choosing the correct variants is important. Thats why we want to make it as simple as possible for you. Our team at Sign Wise Store is here to help. In the meantime here is a short list of the biggest questions we get asked.


  • What sign is needed for your purposes?

Are you looking for a stop sign and/or a yield sign, or are you in charge of the handicapped parking signs in a new parking lot? Do you need traffic signs for a private road or a public road? Whatever you need, we have here at Sign Wise. If you’re looking for something more unique, we can assist you in creating what you have envisioned.


  • Does it need to follow Federal or State specifications?

Though the U.S. Government has developed a multitude of laws regarding traffic signs, many states have also implemented regulations of their own in order to address specific needs and issues. When purchasing a sign that will be visible to the public, its is important to ensure that it will follow the rules and regulations of the zone of installation, specifically the reflectivity rules. Most of our signs come default with 3M Hi-Prismatic Reflective sheeting so no worries!


  • What size does the sign need to be?

When it comes to size, visibility is the most important factor. The size of a sign, combined with the speed limit of the road it is being installed on, will determine the time in which a driver must react to a new or changing circumstance. Bigger is better, and will keep the roads safer.


  • What type of reflectivity does your sign need to have?

Retroreflectivity levels are often regulated by the area’s laws but, similar to sign size, brighter is better and visibility is key. Nighttime driving requires advanced visibility in order to react to speed limit changes or other important road information.


  • What type of aluminum is required?

Signs can be made from several kinds of aluminum, depending on their purpose – recreational or in-home signs don’t need to survive intense weather, so they are manufactured from a less sturdy form of aluminum. Other signs need to be installed in vandalism-prone areas, and can then be purchased as a sturdier, vandalism-resistant material that is less likely to break or bend. What do you think your sign will need to be able to handle?


  • Are you looking for a customized radius, or would you prefer hole punched?

Typically, a sign will be attached to a pre-punched metal post, and as such we will usually prepare our signs for that possibility. However, we can assist with unique sign situations by request. Just ask for a customized radius, and with the correct measurements we can make any sign fit your needs.


  • Would you also like to include an overlay film, or border detail?

 Extra details can be added to just about any sign. Let us know what you need, and we’ll do the best we can to fulfill your purchase with complete accuracy. Reflectivity is required for many signs. The default on our signs is 3M Hi-Prismatic film which covers all of the federal standards for parking, handicapped, and road signs. 

Check us out at Sign Wise Online to chat with our team or email us at sales@shopsignwise.com

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