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How to Decipher Road Lines and Their Colors

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

How to Decipher Road Lines and Their Colors

First time drivers or visitors to the US who will be driving can be confusing and road markings certainly don't help. This is a guide to quickly deciphering what the colors and markings mean. 

Line and symbols that are found on roadways can indicate a variety of things to drives such as which lanes are divided, where walkways are located, where to stop for signs, and where you may pass other drivers. 

Meanings of Markings

  • Lines - BROKEN LINES may be crossed safely 
  • Lines - SOLID LINES should NOT be crossed 


  • Colors - YELLOW will divide the oncoming traffic on a two-way street
  • Colors - WHITE will divide traffic that is going the same direction

Two yellow lines with a single broken means that you may pass, if the break is on your side. The opposite side of traffic may not pass until the break returns to their side

Broken yellow lines allows to pass


Double yellow lines mean that neither side may cross. Only cross when allowed and be sure it is safe

double yellow road lines means no crossing


White lines usually divide traffic going the same direction. However it may also be found in rural or smaller urban roads dividing the two lanes. It is best to play it safe and stay to the side if you're not sure.

white broken line may cross




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