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Do Fake Security Yard Signs Actually Work?

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

Do Fake Security Yard Signs Actually Work?


You’ve seen them in others yard, the small metal sign or window decal that warns of security systems in the house. The company name that says ACME seems a little silly but you wonder to yourself if a fake sign actually works? Well, there is some truth behind having a fake security sign and of course some negatives.


What’s positive about a security sign?


  • They are considerably cheaper than a real security system which can run up into the hundreds of dollars. A single sign or decal could cost you no more than $10-15. It’s a good and cheap way to help set up a first level of deterrence.


  • Its much faster than having to schedule an appointment, getting the system installed and dealing with the set-up as you try and figure out how it works. It takes you less than 10 seconds to put a decal on your window and put a sign in the ground.



  • A sign “could” deter a criminal. While a sign or decal is never a sufficient security system, it can cause a potential robber from thinking about your home. If your sign states that security systems or cameras are in place, it would be difficult for them to see if they’re real. The largest problem comes from signs with fake security company names on them. Any smart robber could take out their smartphone and Google the name, quickly finding out the truth. The best way to get around this is to simply state that cameras are in place or general security systems have been installed.


What are the negatives about the signs?


  • Many of the larger security companies are well known and have specific branding. You cannot make a fake sign with their copy written logo and pass it off as a fake. So the problem comes with using a generic or fictionalized company name that would be easily proven false with a Google search. Some signs out there also look very fake and won’t stop a potential robber. When searching for a sign, be sure to look for something that would pass as a “real” sign. At Sign Wise, all of our home security signs state that cameras are in use or that security systems are installed without the use of fake company names.


  • Yard signs and stickers will not actually stop a robbery from happening. The best defense against it is to have an actual security system in place or other safe guards. Making sure your locks are installed properly, motion sensor lights, window alarms, and possibly a guard dog.



Some alternatives to having security signs


  • Having a dog is the original security system. For thousands of years they have protected humans and provided friendship. Dogs are a great security system and they are a ton more fun than having an alarm app on your phone.


  • Real and dummy cameras. These provide a physical evidence that robbers would be watched. Real cameras are quite inexpensive and easy to install. There are many you can control on your phone or tablet, as well as doorbell cameras.


  • Don’t forget the proper use of landscaping and trees. Often a well landscaped property can make it harder for potential crimes. Also be sure to take care of excessive growth that could help a intruder hide behind.



  • Turn on your lights or make it look like someone is home. A potential robber doesn’t want to be seen so a home that appears to have people inside will provide a good deterrent. Parking cars in your driveway, outside lights, motion detector lights

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