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Vaping in New York Sees New Prohibited Areas

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

Vaping in New York Sees New Prohibited Areas

Vaping, or electronic cigarettes have become a very popular substitution for traditional cigarettes, have recently joined the list of banned items in public spaces. Governor Cuomo signed a bill that would ban vaping anywhere that traditional cigarettes were banned such as bars, schools, workplaces, and restaurants. The first ban came in 2003 with the states Clean Indoor Act which saw cigarettes banned in public areas.

Electric cigarettes use a variety of liquids and oils that are vaporized into an inhalant. This has often been hailed as a “safer” alternative to smoking or a better way to taper off of tobacco cigarettes. The actually science behind whether these claims are true or not hasn’t been proven but vaping has seen a massive rise in popularity. However, even with the large $2.5 billion industry, many states are starting to crack down on vaping and e-cigs.

Because of the previous ban against smoking products vaping wasn’t included as electronic cigarettes don’t technically produce smoke. This new bill has now included vaping so that it falls under the same category as cigarettes. Governor Cuomo said, “This measure closes another dangerous loophole in the law, creating a stronger, healthier New York for all.”

The American Lung Association cheered the recent passing of the bill stating that it would help protect children from second hand smoke and lessen the publics exposure to smoke. However, many pro-vaping advocates still proclaim that vaping and electronic cigarettes are a positive step forward to end traditional smoking. They also say that everyone knows vaping isn’t allowed in public areas and to do so, even If not expressly forbidden would be obnoxious and wouldn’t likely happen. Most can see and understand that electronic smoking is a lesser evil compared to cigarettes, especially when it comes to quitting smoking. If tighter and tighter bans are placed on electronic cigarettes, it could discourage those trying to quit.


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