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How to: Distracted Driving Parking Lot Signs

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

Parking Lot and Window Signs for Distracted Driving Awareness

Having signs placed around buildings or in parking lots can be a perfect way to promote awareness for distracted driving. Along with helping employee's is a good reminder for visitors that will see the signs. With the previous post that discussed implementing a policy for employees, signs or noticed should be put in place shortly after the policy is implemented. 

Some things to know when buying signs:

  • Some areas required signs to have reflective sheeting on them. Usually if the area is connected to a public road, reflective sheeting will need to be used on the sign. 
  • Aluminum signs are highly recommended because of their durability and are rust-proof. Plastic or paper printouts maybe be cheaper but won't last nearly as long
  • Bold colors should be used as they are easier to read and signs placed on metal posts. (similar to what a street sign uses)
  • Be sure to check with your city or police department to find out the proper rules for installing signage. Some areas require permits or permission before installation. 
  • Signs should be placed around entrances, exits, and near building doorways. This helps establish a clear vision of the policies.


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