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Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Posted by Tayten Tullis on

Distracted Driving Awareness Month Part 1 

Distracted Driving Info

How can we help and who is at risk?


Teenagers are some of the most common users of cell phones and especially when driving. While their numbers are falling with cell phone use, it still takes up a large portion of distracted driving accidents. Teenagers have the ability to help deliver messages with their peers to stop distracted driving. We should be teaching our teenage children that it is not ok to drive while texting or to let their friends do it. Its not worth the risk. Many areas have chapters and organizations that help to deliver this message and add extra encouragement to help stop this. 


Parents, and especially those with kids need to be the leading voice behind the push for safer driving. All parents should talk with their kids and those that look up to them and tell them about the dangers of distracted driving. While teenagers and younger people are at risk, it is also important that parents should lead by example. Adults are also at larger risk of distracted driving and need to take the steps necessary to stay safe. Driving while distracted not only can affect you, but other drivers around you. Let’s help keep everyone safe and keep our eyes on the road.


What states are doing:

 states with no texting laws

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